• Well Furnished Classrooms:

We have well ventilated and aptly lighted classrooms. All classrooms have tile flooring, white boards. The whole ambience is student oriented.  View Image

    • Well Equipped Labs:

Our educational policy promotes interest curiosity and knowledge. We follow the principle of learning by doing. Laboratory work forms an integral part of curriculum. We have well equipped senior and junior computer labs, Physics, Chemistry and Bio lab.  View Image

    • Science Park:

It is an innovative concept of teaching science to young learners. A cluster of fabricated models has been installed in open air for enhancing curiosity and understanding. It has been conceptualized to inculcate scientific temperament and relate concepts with models.    View Image

    • Synthetic Basket Ball Court:

      A synthetic basket ball court has been constructed in the school premises.   View Image

    • Herbal Garden:

The school boasts of a herbal garden where we have a collection of medicinal and various other botanical species.   View Image

    • Multi Functional Play Station:

The multifunctional play station installed in the nursery wing not only adds to the ambience of the wing but also provides for a play way method of learning.   View Image

    • Toy room:

We have an attractive toy room for small children where they play and learn in an informal manner.   View Image

    • Traffic Park:

An attractive Traffic park with traffic lights has been established to develop the sense of traffic rules among the kids in a play way method.  View Image

    • CCTV cameras:

To ensure safety and well being of all students and staff, the school has installed CCTV cameras in all the classrooms as well as corridors and grounds etc.

    • Global PA System:

The school has installed global PA system for making announcements as part of emergency communication system.

    • NDA Corner:

To ensure better training in physical exercises, the school has installed an NDA corner.View Image