The observance of rules of discipline and good behavior is essential to a student's continuance in the School. The decision of the Principal/HM is final and binding on all students in respect of rules/instructions framed for discipline and good behavior.
1.  Forbidden Practices. No student is to indulge in any of the following:-
(a)       Disfiguring/damaging any School property.
(b)       Smoking in/around school premises.
(c)        Any form of playing cards or gambling.
(d)       Carrying or using mobiles, iPod, iPad, laptops or any other video, electronic and
communication device in the School premises.
(e)       Use of drugs or intoxicants, except on the prescription of a registered medical
(f)        Chewing of betel leaves, tobacco, gutka, pan masala, chewing gum etc in the
School premises.
(g)       Rowdy or rude behavior.
(h)       Use of violence in any form of eve-teasing or passing lewd comments.
(j)         Practice of untouchability or advocating of its customs, communalism or any such
social evils.
(k)        Being in possession of or viewing/reading/screening/sharing/forwarding any kind
of pornographic/inappropriate material by SMS/email or any other medium. They
are not to discuss or criticize the School or their teachers or any School
staff/authority on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media.
(l)         Indiscipline involving fighting/theft/any other act which may bring disrepute to the
student/School or to the Air Force in general.
(m)      Driving a two/four wheeler to School without a valid driving license and helmet (in
case of two-wheelers).
(n)       No student will be involved in ragging.

2.         Striking-off Name from School Rolls. The name of a student may be struck
            off from the school rolls for any of the following :
(a)       Non-payment of fees and other dues within 30 days after the last date of
(b)       Absence from School without leave application from parent/guardian for 15
consecutive days. When a student remains absent from School for four consecutive days without a leave application from the parent/guardian, the Principal/HM is to intimate such absence to the parent/guardian of the student to ensure that the parent/guardian knows about the absence.