i) WELL EQUIPPED LABS: Our educational policy promotes interest curiosity and knowledge. We follow the principle of learning by doing. Laboratory work forms an integral part of curriculum. We have well equipped senior and junior computer labs, Physics, Chemistry and Bio lab.

ii) The school bus
runs on specific routes. All safety measures are taken while plying the bus. Mr Anil Jagotra Office Supdt.  can be contacted for bus related queries.

iii) Audio-Visual teaching aids like globes, roll out maps, charts, models ,specimens, ppts, etc are extensively used by teachers.

EDU-COMP SMART CLASS facility is provided in each class which brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life. This creates a very lively multimedia based learning experience that leaves a permanent impression on young minds.

v) Akash Auditorium
with a seating capacity of 300 is used to show motivational movies, value based videos etc and hosts all inhouse function & celebrations.

ECO PARK: Eco park seeks to integrate scientific concepts and habits of ecologically  sustainable life style which is the need of the hour.

Swimming pool: The station swimming pool is made available to the school students in the summer months .Many swimming camps are organised to hone the  skill.

viii) SMS facility for parents

As Bacon said “Reading maketh a full man” we inculcate reading habits and library culture from junior classes. The library is a home to about 6000 books on diverse fields of student’s interest. A class library is also maintained by the teachers for ready reference.